BCCI CONTROVERSY- ‘Fake injection’ scam in big BCCI sting operation, Kohli vs Ganguly controversy exposed by Zee News. These revelations about BCCI will surely shock you.

During a Zee News sting operation, BCCI chief selector Chetan Sharma made several shocking revelations, including the ‘fake injection’ scam during the fitness test of Team India players who would later play in international cricket matches .


The sting operation by BCCI official Chetan Sharma is set to be the biggest expose of the cricket industry in the 21st century, revealing the real reason behind the Virat Kohli vs Sourav Ganguly debate by the chief selector that has the power to make or break a career The rising star of any cricket.

Making big revelations about the debate between Virat Kohli vs Sourav Ganguly, BCCI chief selector Chetan Sharma spoke during Zee News sting operation where he admitted that it was ego clash that led to Kohli’s ouster from the team. Had to happen

Speaking on camera, Sharma said, “When a cricketer grows up, he feels that he can do anything and conquer anyone.

So, he (Kohli) went after the President (Ganguly). Sourav Ganguly never said a word to me about this issue, but Kohli wanted to go after him.

He further said, “It is a brawl of ego. He said he is big and Kohli said he is big. Sourav Ganguly has also been the captain of the country. Very big captain, and considered the most reliable.

Virat thought he was on top, after which a huge confrontation ensued. Sharma said that Virat Kohli was going to South Africa as the captain of the cricket team.

He appeared in the press conference and talked about his spat with the former BCCI president which added fuel to the fire. Selected for international matches.

He said, ‘Players are not fit but take injections to play. He is ready to play even at 80 per cent fitness. They take the injection and start playing.” Sharma said these injections are not pain relievers, as they will show up in a doping test.

Chetan Sharma said, ‘Jasprit Bumrah was not able to bowl as he had a big injury, besides there are one or two players who take injections privately and say they are fit to play.’