This is very important news for green tea drinkers

Health Updates- Nowadays the craze of green tea has increased a lot. Most people also drink green tea for weight loss. Many times people drink green tea before or after eating, thinking that it cannot do any harm. But this is not true. Anything used in excess can cause damage.

This is very important news for green tea drinkers
This is very important news for green tea drinkers

There is a similar formula with green tea as well

There are many benefits of drinking green tea. Antioxidants are found very high in it. You feel energetic as soon as you drink it. Actually, there are two things in green tea, caffeine and catechin, which have different effects on your body.

It is absolutely true that drinking green tea reduces belly fat. But how and at what time you are drinking green tea, it depends more on reducing weight. Let’s find out what the experts have to say about it…

More Green Tea Effects

Of course you can drink green tea to lose weight. It contains polyphenols, caffeine and iron which acts as antioxidants. But always keep in mind that drinking too much green tea can harm the body. By doing this, it may also happen that instead of its benefit, you may have a loss.

how much green tea to drink

Doctors say, it is beneficial to drink green tea according to health, but drink only one to 2 cups a day. While drinking green tea, keep in mind that immediately after eating green tea should not be drunk by mistake. It can harm you, as well as disturb digestion.

Always drink green tea before meals

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