Throwing medicines in the garbage can be very dangerous, know the right way to dispose

How to safely dispose of medication: It is generally seen that people throw the remaining medicines and used syringes, globs etc. in the dustbin at home.

Do you know how dangerous your discarded things can prove to be for the environment, animals and children who pick up the garbage?

How to safely dispose of medication
How to safely dispose of medication

Yes, it is very important to dispose of used medicines, expired pills, syringes and inhalers etc. in a proper manner. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also recognizes this and issues guidelines to inform people about it. Everyone should know some important things about this.

Why is it important to dispose of properly?

According to Medical News Today, some medicines can be very dangerous or even fatal for those who collect garbage. Not only this, they can also cause a lot of harm to stray dogs or animals roaming on the roads. Apart from this, they can also affect the quality of the water of that place, under the influence of which animals can come easily.

Dispose of medicines like this

Use the Drug Take-Back Location

If you have some medication left over, the best course of action is to take it to a DEA-registered drug collection location. There, trained handlers will safely dispose of it. You can get this information from the internet. Here you can give prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, supplement medicines etc.

There are also some medicines that instead of throwing them in the dustbin, you can flush them in the toilet and dispose them. According to the FDA, medicines containing benzhydrocodone, buprenorphine, hydrocodone, meperidine, methadone, morphine, oxycodone, sodium oxybate, tapentadol can harm anyone.

You can flush them in the toilet. The FDA believes that improper use of these drugs can be fatal and can also be harmful to the environment.

Which medicines should be put in the dustbin?

If there is no danger or any kind of disposable guidelines on the medicines, then you can throw it in the dustbin. Keep in mind that they should not come in direct contact with any animal or human.

dispose like this

First of all follow the instructions mentioned on the packaging of these products.

If it is expired, take it out of the packaging and throw it after breaking it.

-Put the medicine in a sealed plastic bag or other sealed container and dispose of it.

-Recycle empty bottles or other packaging.

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Dispose of needle and syringe

It is necessary to dispose properly to avoid people or animals from coming in its grip. You keep them in a container and throw them at places like hospitals, clinics, doctor’s chambers, drugstores, etc. from where they are collected to dispose them properly.

Dispose the inhaler like this

Not disposing of the inhaler properly can also pose a danger. Therefore, break them properly or throw them in the fire. You can also throw it at your nearby recycling centers or cleaning etc. Do follow the information on disposing of it on the packaging of the inhaler.