These beautiful pictures of Ayodhya railway station will fascinate you, looks like an airport

New Ayodhya Railway Station Pics 2022: Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has shared some stunning pictures of the under construction railway station of Ayodhya last night and you will be happy to see them.

New railway station of Ayodhya
New railway station of Ayodhya

The railway station of Ayodhya is being developed as an airport infrastructure. It was already told by the Indian Railways that Ayodhya station is being transformed into a new look for about 200 crores. (Photos – Twitter)

According to railway officials, Ayodhya is going to be the most beautiful and modern railway station in the country. The station building is being developed in about ten thousand square meters. (Photos – Twitter)

The building of Ayodhya railway station is being made grand through tiles, stones, glass, doors, lighting etc. Along with this, the designing of the floor of the building is also being made fine. (Photos – Twitter)

The Ayodhya railway station building is being developed like the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi temple and the work of the new building has been completed up to 90 percent. (Photos – Twitter)

The work of providing facilities like an airport at the railway station of Ayodhya is going on in full swing. The target has been set to complete this work by December. (Photos – Twitter)

At Ayodhya railway station, arrangements are being made for staff accommodation, parking, building, railway police office, road construction, three new platforms, drainage etc. (Photos – Twitter)

Passenger facilities will be taken care of at Ayodhya Dham railway station. This station will be equipped with basic facilities for the passengers. The form of the temple will be displayed on the exterior of Ayodhya Dham railway station. (Photos – Twitter)

At Ayodhya railway station, complete arrangements are being made to provide facilities of lift, escalator, washroom, drinking water, AC waiting room, food plaza, kiosk for the elderly and women. From toilets for differently abled, drinking water booths and VIP lounges for passengers to dormitory facilities are being developed. (Photos – Twitter)

In the first phase, only three platforms will be built in Ayodhya railway station, in which 1 passenger platform will be increased. There will be an expansion of a number platform with a full length of 625 metres. (Photos – Twitter)

Under the construction of Ayodhya railway station, the first phase of Ayodhya railway station will be ready by December 31. The work of the second phase will start later. Passenger amenities at the railway station will be kept in mind. Routes will also emerge from the railway station in different directions. (Photos – Twitter)