NEWS- A 14-year-old girl who grazed goats shot shots like ‘Surya’, Sachin was also stunned after watching the VIDEO!

Women’s cricket is in the news at the moment. There is talk of women’s IPL. On the other hand, the women’s cricket team of Pakistan has been trampled by the Indian girls. Now women’s IPL will also be played in India.

For this, crores of rupees were showered on the players on Monday. Smriti Mandhana became the most expensive player in the auction with 3 crore 40 lakhs.

In our country now women are also making a splash in cricket. Meanwhile, the video of a girl from Barmer in Rajasthan is going viral on social media.

This video has been viewed millions of times on social media in a few hours. Fifteen-year-old Mumal Mehra lives with her seven siblings and parents.

She has been preparing for cricket with a village cricket coach for almost two years. Moomal, the village daughter in cricket, is a fan of Indian cricket team’s sensation Suryakumar Yadav and hits 360 degree sixes just like him.

People are liking the video so much that people commented that they want to see the girl playing in Team India one day.

Sachin Tendulkar shared Mumal Mehra’s video

Former Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar has shared a video on Twitter in which a girl can be seen batting.

Sachin Tendulkar wrote in the caption, ‘The auction happened only yesterday and the match started today? What is the matter. It was a pleasure watching your batting.

‘ This video of 14-year-old Mumal Meher’s batting is about 35 seconds and in it he has made 360 ​​degree shots. Moomal played shots like Suryakumar Yadav and that was the reason why his video went viral.