PAKISTAN PLAYERS – Some beautiful photos of Pakistani cricketers and their wives

Babar Azam, Shaheen Afridi, Hasan Ali, and Haris Rauf are all talented and famous cricketers from Pakistan.


These players have earned a massive following in the cricket world for their impressive performances on the field. In this article, we will take a closer look at his personal life and the women who stand by him as his wives.


Babar Azam is one of the most prominent cricketers of Pakistan today. He is known for his remarkable batting skills and has been compared to some of the greatest players of the game.


Babar Azam married his cousin Mahnoor Shahzad in 2020. Mahnoor Shahzad is a student of BS Psychology, and the couple dated for a long time before tying the knot.


Shaheen Afridi is a talented fast bowler who has been making waves in the cricket world since his debut in 2018.


He is known for his impressive pace and has been compared to the great Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram.


Shaheen Afridi married Shahida Afridi in 2020 and they both have a son. Not much is known about Shahida Afridi, but she is said to be a supportive wife, who is often seen cheering her husband from the stands.


Hasan Ali is another prominent cricketer from Pakistan who has made a name for himself with his bowling skills. He has represented Pakistan in both ODI and T20 cricket and has been an important member of the team.


Hasan Ali married Samia Arzoo in 2019, and their wedding was one of the most talked-about events in Pakistan that year. Samiya Arju is an Indian citizen and flight engineer by profession.

Haris Rauf is a fast bowler who made his debut for Pakistan in 2019. He is known for his impressive pace and has been a regular member of the Pakistan cricket team in T20 cricket.

Haris Rauf married Rabi Peerzada in 2020. Rabi Peerzada is a Pakistani singer and actor who is very popular in Pakistan. The couple’s wedding was a low-key affair, and not much is known about their personal lives.

Lastly, Babar Azam, Shaheen Afridi, Hasan Ali and Haris Rauf are all exceptional cricketers who have brought pride and joy to their nations with their performances on the field.

Their wives are supportive partners who stand by them through thick and thin. These cricketers are not only sports stars but also role models for the younger generation, and their commitment to their sport and their loved ones is truly commendable.