Scramble in IPL 16.

Virat Vs Gambhir: In the 43rd match of IPL 2023, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) defeated Lucknow Supergiants (LSG) by 18 runs. During this match, high-voltage drama was seen on the field. Some players and staff from both teams were seen arguing during and after the game.

Naveen-ul-Haq of Lucknow and Virat Kohli of RCB were the first to clash during the game. After this, he had a violent clash with Lucknow coach Gautam Gambhir after the game. Its video is rapidly gaining popularity on social media.

Kohli’s stormy style

In fact, during the 17th over of Lucknow’s innings, Virat came out from behind the stumps and signaled to Naveen. On this, Naveen of Afghanistan approached him and both of them had a fight. During this discussion as soon as he talked about the situation, Virat also pointed to his shoe and removed some mud from it. After this Dinesh Karthik of RCB takes away Naveen and the umpire, Kohli.

Virat Vs Gambhir

Amit Mishra was also involved in the clash

While Virat angrily confronts Naveen, Lucknow’s Amit Mishra, who is at the non-striking end, tries to pacify him. Virat again pointing to Naveen says, “Make him understand, tell him, not me,” Because the umpire continues to talk to him. Pictures and videos of Virat celebrating during the game after the Lucknow players were dropped are also going viral on social media.

scuffle even while shaking hands

After this the discussion between Kohli and Naveen continues. Naveen came out and returned to the pavilion. When it came time for both the teams to shake hands after Bangalore’s win, Gambhir from Lucknow was seen pulling away when Kohli tried to shake hands with Gambhir.

After this, Kohli walks up to Naveen and shakes hands. He also shook hands with Naveen. Kohli is seen saying something on this. As Kohli begins, Naveen also enters in surprise and speaks. Both disagree in this area as well. Maxwell and Harshal Patel step in, urging Naveen to continue.

The matter did not end here. In the middle of his border trek, Kohli struck up a conversation with Kyle Meyers of Lucknow. Meanwhile, Gambhir shows up (Virat Vs Gambhir), fires Meyers, and forbids communication with Kohli.

Virat Vs Gambhir completed years old revenge

Virat Vs Gambhir

Thereafter, Gambhir says something, in response to which Kohli calls him over and tries to engage in conversation. During this Kohli and Gambhir (Virat Vs Gambhir) have an encounter that is very close. However, Kohli looks more composed now. Other players and staff members present there take away Kohli and Gambhir. Later in the video, a long conversation is seen between Lucknow captain Rahul and Kohli.

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