Story of adventure struggle of female rickshaw driver Renu

It is said that if there is courage, victory can be achieved by facing all difficulties. One such example of women empowerment has been presented by Renu Sharma of Pinkcity Rickshaw.

Story of adventure struggle of female rickshaw driver Renu
Story of adventure struggle of female rickshaw driver Renu

She chose her own path and by achieving success is giving new direction to many other struggling women as well.The special thing is that today she is holding the post of MD of the e-rickshaw company from which Renu had taken training to drive rickshaw.

Renu Sharma says that she used to do nursing work in the private sector, but due to daily work there was pressure to work day or night. There was no time concession in this.

In such a situation, the stress of taking care of both the little girls at home while on duty at night was there all the time. Many times she used to keep the girls with her in the hospital at night, but this was not always possible.

an advertisement changed the fate

She tells that there is always a scramble to get out of trouble. She started searching for some work for the day. Meanwhile, read an advertisement in the newspaper that an e-rickshaw company needs women who can drive rickshaws after getting training. Renu contacted there and took training.

Started rickshaw driving along with training. In the beginning, the rickshaw company provided the facility of plying rickshaws only at the tourist places of Parkota area like Jantan-Mantar, City Palace, Amer etc. Along with driving a rickshaw, Renu’s days started changing.

now earning three times

Renu tells that people used to react very strangely when she started rickshaw driving, people used to look at her with surprise. However, tremendous encouragement was received from domestic and foreign tourists. Cash coming daily acted as oxygen. The children were not only relieved, but also very happy. Now I am with the children both in the morning and at night.

inspiration for women

Earlier, women used to hesitate to drive rickshaws. That’s why even after getting training from the company, she did not want to go on the road. She was a member of the first batch of the company.

All the other members did not take interest, but Renu continued to drive the rickshaw. Renu tells that she drove a rickshaw even during the Corona period. Now other members are also joining.

Company also honored, made Managing Director

He told that the company also saw his dedication. When no woman was showing interest in rickshaw driving during the Corona period. Even then Renu was giving services. The company called Renu and made her the first trainer.

Renu has given training to more than 70 e rickshaw women. Due to continuous services, he was made MD of Pinkcity Rickshaw Company Rajasthan. All the women rickshaw pullers are encouraged by foreign visitors sitting in their rickshaws.