What is Full Form of VGA in Computer?

What is the full form of VGA in Computer -

Full Form of VGA in Computer – Full Form, Meaning, and Definition

The full form of VGA in the computer is Video Graphics Array. 

It is a connector cable that transfers video signals from one device to another or provides video output to the connected device. 

For eg – To connect the monitor to the TV or Screen, VGA can be used. 

Types of VGA –

Male VGA – VGA’s that have connectors protruding out of the cable is male VGA.

Female VGA – VGA’s that have a connector with hollow space to fit male protruding for connection are called female VGA.

Difference between VGA and HDMI –

  • VGA and HDMI both are connector cables to transfer video signals. VGA can only transfer low-resolution video without audio while HDMI can transfer high-resolution video with audio. This makes HDMI better for use than VGA. 
  • VGA uses analog signals to transfer data while HDMI uses digital signals. 
  • HDMI is better but VGA is still used as some of the devices have ports for only VGA and some for HDMI. 
  • VGA technology was introduced in 1987, it lacks new features. The use of VGA is highly reduced and HDMI is mostly used in new devices.

What if your connecting devices have different ports? Connecting VGA to HDMI

In case you want to connect two devices but one has a VGA port while the other has HDMI port, then several types of VGA to HDMI converters are available in the market. The connector connects both the devices and changes VGA signals (analog) to HDMI signals (digital) or vice versa so that output devices can interpret it. 

Detailed Technical Information 

Below are the specifications for the existing VGA:

  • The resolution of the previous VGAs is 640×480 pixels. Several modifications have been made since that edition. SuperVGA is the most prevalent VGA variant(SVGA). It supports resolutions higher than 640×480, such as 800×600 or1024x768 in form and structure. 
  • A VGA connector contains 15 pins and is structured like a trapezoid. You might not be capable of using Video Graphics Array standards if you possess an old screen developed for prior specifications.

Mini-VGA vs. VGA 

Many laptops and other gadgets might utilize mini-VGA instead of the conventional VGA port. However, it has never been as common as the typical VGA connector. 

Mini-VGA to VGA adapters is also available, allowing conventional VGA display equipment to connect to a computer with a mini-VGA port. 

Mini-DVI is more extensively utilized than mini-VGA, the same as how DVI replaced VGA.

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What are the Characteristics of VGA? 

VGA cables are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 0.75 feet to more than 30 feet. Furthermore, these video graphic cables are available in two colors: black and beige. 

Likewise, the cables come with either double or triple shielding. A cable jacket with a plenum rating is another feature. These cables are priced differently depending on their duration and form. 

There are cables for every client’s needs, with the cheapest costing less than $10 and the most expensive costing more than $400 per cable.