What is the Full Form of NAP in Networking?

What is the Full Form of NAP in Networking

What is the Full Form of NAP in Networking? 

The full form of NAP in Networking is NETWORK ACCESS POINT.

What is NAP in a computer network?

A network access point is responsible for connecting Internet Service providers which act as the source of internet for the designated areas. 

These points are also known as points of internet congestion where ISPs connect in peering arrangements. NAPs played a crucial role when the internet was starting to become commercialized. 

What is the Difference between the access point and router? 

A router is responsible for connecting all the wired or wireless devices in a local area (LAN) together and also provides internet access to them. 

Whereas an access point simply acts as the gateway for these devices to be connected to the internet and also enables devices to be connected in another location

What is the Difference between an access point and a repeater?

A repeater or extender works by extending the coverage in a large area by using separate wireless names and the signal transmission is bi-directional.

An access point on the other hand is just a portal which transmits or receives signals with its built-in radio. They work at a much better speed than repeaters.

How does an access point help Wi-fi?

The access point or in this case the wireless access point helps in connecting wired routers to wireless users. The access point is inbuilt in the router.

How far apart should the Access points be? 

Two access points should have a minimum distance of 20 metres to avoid any case of disturbance during signal receiving or transmission.