What is the Full Form of NATO in Political Science?


What is Nato? What does Nato stand for?

Full Form of NATO in political science – Full Form, Meaning, and Definition

The full form of NATO in political science is NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION.

What is NATO?

NATO is an organization whose main aim is to repel any future attacks by the Soviet Union. It’s an inter-military government alliance between Thirty European and North American countries.

This organization adheres to the North Atlantic Treaty signed on 4th April 1949 which is a peacetime military alliance against the Soviets. 

In other words in case the soviet attacks any country which comes under NATO all other countries will come forward for its protection. 

What is the role and function of NATO?

The main aim of NATO is to prevent war and safeguard all the countries which come under the organization.

NATO also helps in advancements of military security and maintains the economic stability of these countries. This organization has also catered mentally stabilising many European countries. It encourages the members to consult on security and military end and maintain solidarity among themselves. 

How is NATO funded?

All the members of the organization collectively fund NATO the biggest contributor being the USA followed by Germany and France. This funding can be monetary or in form of operations and troops. 

What is the history behind NATO?

NATO was created during the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944 and the founding members signed the treaty on 4th of April, 1949. It was created to counterweight Soviet armies that were stationed in Europe after WWII, the organization is also called the Washington Treaty. 

Who runs NATO?

The current head of NATO i.e. the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is the former Prime Minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg who took his chair in October 2014. His Secretarial; duty was extended for another four years in 2018, hence he will be leading NATO until 2022.

What is PFP in NATO?

PFP stands for Partnership for Peace which was introduced in 1994 based on individual relationships between each partner country and NATO. The members of PFP include all the present as well as former members of Commonwealth of Independent States. 

Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) is an assembly for cooperation, coordination, and consultation of the partnered states. PFP is considered to be the operational wing of EACP.

Who has the largest army in NATO?

As of 2020, the US has the largest number of military manpower out of all the 30 countries with 1.35 million troops. The second place goes to Turkey with just over 437,000 troops.

Where NATO headquarters are situated?

NATO headquarters are located in Belgium, Haren, Brussels while the headquarters of Allied Command Operations is located in Mons, Belgium.

What is withdrawal from NATO?

Withdrawal from NATO is the legal process by which a member of NATO leaves the treaty. As stated in article XII, a member wishing to leave has to inform the US about its withdrawal and after a year it formally leaves.

Why is India not part of NATO?

NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization which consists of members who are from the North Atlantic regions only. In addition to this joining ties with NATO can be detrimental for India’s relationship with Russia.

India is a major military power ranking among the top 5 in the world and has cordial relations with Russia, hence joining NATO will serve no interest in India. 

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