What is the Full Form of PDA in Computer terms?

What is the Full form of PDA?-

Full Form of PDA in the computer – Full Form, Meaning, and Definition

The full form of PDA in the computer is PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT.

What is the full meaning of PDA in computers?

What is the full meaning of PDA in computers Full Form of PDA in Computer

PDA is an obsolete handheld device used as a pocket computer or personal organizer which contains various organization features. 

PDA contains combined features of the fax machine, cell phone, web browser, address book, etc. 

Newton Message Pad was the first PDA developed by Apple and was available in 1993. It took input with the help of a stylus. PDAs are not popular anymore since modern equipment like smartphones, tablets have replaced most of its features.

What are the features of a PDA?

  • PDAs comes with a PIM (Personal Information management) software that enables it’s user to organize the following; Storing contact information including phone numbers, addresses, email ids, names; Making to-do lists; Note takings; Tracking-Reminding appointments.
  • Almost all the Palm OS  devices comes with applications such as DataViz Documents that are compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint; PalmOne Media that can open photos and videos; VersaMail software for emails and another for web browsing.
  • PDAs from Windows are loaded with Pocket Versions of Word, Excel, Internet Explorer and Outlook. They also include media software like Windows Media Player and voice recording.
  • PDAs are synchronized with PCs, Windows OS uses ActiveSync and Palm OS uses HotSync as synchronization software. The user also needs to have compatible PC software to be able to sync with PDAs like Microsoft Outlook or Palm Desktop.

What are the functions of a PDA?

What are the functions of a PDA Full Form of PDA in Computer
  • Internet and network connectivity via Wi-Fi and wireless connection points.
  • Support Wireless WAN (Wide Area Networks).
  • Support a memory card slot that can accept flash media like Compact Flash, Multi-Media Cards.  
  • Audio support; microphone, audio jack, headphone jack support.
  • A built-in GPS.
  • A secure Digital Input and Output card slot.

What is the Input method of a PDA?

PDA is a device that works on a user’s command, the user works with the PDA mostly with a plastic Stylus. PDAs have a LCD screen, stylus is used for a lot of gestures that are read with a handwriting recognition program. 

The software converts handwritten note to letters and numbers. Users can also use the integrated QWERTY keyboard. 

What are the applications of PDA?

What are the applications of PDA Full Form of PDA in Computer

A personal digital assistant can be used as one of the following ways:

  • Address books
  • Notepads
  • Appointment Schedulers
  • Wireless Communicator 
  • Word Processor 
  • Spreadsheet
  • Calendar
  • Personal Organizer
  • In warehouses for supply chain management 
  • By law enforcement agencies

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What are the uses of PDA in healthcare?

PDAs are still used in the healthcare industry. The uses of PDA are as follows:

  1. Used to load drug databases 
  2. Patient tracking becomes easier and updating the patient’s report becomes easier
  3. Electronic case report formation
  4. Updating information on PDA to be later analyzed in personal computer
  5. They store treatment information in clinical trials 
  6. Infection control audits within the healthcare environment

What’s the difference between a PDA and a smartphone?

What's the difference between a PDA and a smartphone Full Form of PDA in Computer
  1. Smartphones are wi-fi enabled whereas PDAs are not.
  2. PDAs have a limited number of apps whereas smartphones have unlimited apps.
  3. Upgradation of smartphones software is easier and customer care services are really good
  4. Smartphones don’t need a stylus to be operated

So Smartphones are better than PDA.