What is the Full Form of POST in Computer?

What is the Full Form of POST in computer? The full form of POST in the computer is Power on Self Test

What is the full meaning of post in a computer

Full Form of POST in Computer – Full Form, Meaning, and Definition

The full form of POST in the computer is Power on Self Test

What is the Full Meaning of POST in computer?

It is a diagnostic test that makes sure that the computer is working properly. The POST determines if the input and output systems like RAM, hard drive, CD-ROM drive, keyboard, mouse and others are operating well.

Types of Errors During POST

Problems can appear after checking the systems by POST and this will stop the boot process of the computer. Errors can be seen such as.

Windows hangs during the start

  • Flashing LEDs
  • Audible beeps
  • Error message on the screen

What is the location of the POST?

The location of the POST is in the system ROM.

How does POST work?

When the computer is turned on, the boot process is initiated while the BIOS is activated. Then the boot loader performs POST as a pre-boot series. 

Whether you power on your computer for the first time or restart it, POST is going to operate regardless. 

It does not depend on any installed operating system since it is handled by the in-build BIOS system. Then it will go through the system and if everything works as expected it will continue the boot process otherwise the BIOS will send an error message. 

The result of the test is sometimes internally recorded or shown on the screen through flashing LEDs. When POST is successfully done, the bootstrapping start initialing the OS.

What is the difference between POST and BIOS?

  • The full form of BIOS is ‘Basic input/output System’ and POST stands for  ‘Power on Self Test.
  • BIOS is a sequence of settings of the motherboard whereas POST is a process of testing its devices when powered on.
  • BIOS is the first program that runs while turning on the computer whereas BIOS performs the POST.