What is the Full Form of RSVP in Wedding cards?

What is the Full form of RSVP in Wedding cards?

Full form of RSVP in Wedding cards – Full Form, Meaning, and Definition

The full form of RSVP in wedding cards is RÉPONDEZ S’IL VOUS PLAÎT

What is the full meaning of RSVP in Wedding cards?

Répondez S’il Vous Plaît is a french phrase which means “Please respond” used in the invitation letter. 

The host/hostess generally adds RSVP at the end of the letter to confirm if the person to whom the invite has been sent is available for the occasion or not. Along with RSVP the host/hostess can also add the date by which they expect the replies. 

What is the origin of RSVP?

The term RSVP originated in the year 1845 in France and is an acronym for Répondez S’il Vous Plaît. 

The term was mainly used for wedding or ceremonious invitations but today it is even used for formal invitation or emails. 

What is the point of RSVP?

The RSVP allows the host/hostess to get a rough estimate of the number of people who will be attending the event.

This helps them to make prior preparation according to the number, having this knowledge also helps them to decide if they should reduce or increase their spending on the event. 

Why is RSVP culture not popular in India?

Indian people don’t like to offend the host by saying no to the invitation. Using RSVP might sound formal since most of the occasions are for close-knit relatives or friends. 

Indians will prefer to give their answer on the phone if they can or can’t make it to the event which will help them explain their situation better and hence will help the host understand the reason for their absence.

What to include in a RSVP card as an inviter?

A blank line for the guests to fill up – The line will be used by the guest as a space to write their names, names of their add on-s who will accompany the guest on the day of the occasion.

The RSVP reply due date – The reply due date is chosen three to four weeks before the occasion date.

The ‘will attend’ and “regrets only” line – A short line to be written by the guest that means “yes I will attend” or “unable to attend” to confirm the participation.

How do one response to a RSVP card?

Responding to a RSVP is part of etiquette. Anytime you are invited to an event whether formal or informal that includes RSVP, one should response before the deadline. The ways to respond to a RSVP are endless, you can text, call, mail or respond via the RSVP card. 

Sometimes RSVP follows after a card that lets the invitee know about the place and date of the occasion to let them check if they’re available.   

How one fills up RSVP as a guest?

If someone is invited to an event of which invitation came out including a RSVP card, he must fill it out and mail it back before the deadline. It is quite important to respond to a RSVP letting the inviter know as he finalizes the guest list accordingly. 

The invitee also may include a small message along with a reply as a gesture of goodwill, if you cannot attend, state the reason and offer them “good wishes”.