What is the Full Form of WORM in Computer?

What is the Full Form of WORM in Computer -

Full Form of WORM in Computer – Full Form, Meaning, and Definition

The full form of WORM in the computer is write once and read many. 

A data storing device that reads the data once and retains it lifelong is considered as a WORM device. WORM disks are typically used to read the store data and not to edit it. WORM disks were made non-editable so that the user may not accidentally erase the data. 

Types of WORM storage 

Physical WORM – In this, the data can be stored physically and always prevents rewriting. Examples are optical devices like CD-R and DVD-R.

Logical WORM – In this, data can be written and avoided to edit through electric keys. 

Advantages of Worm devices – 

WORM disks store for a very long time and so can be used up for years. This is majorly helpful in checking records decades back. 

WORM devices allow no change in the data so organizations that fear that their data can be altered for their bad, they can make use of WORM devices. 

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Disadvantages of WORM devices- 

WORM disks hold a big data space in small physical space but in current times, even terabytes storage is less for companies. This makes organizations use multiple WORM devices and manage them.

WORM devices run in the same direction gears which increases wear and tear of the disk due to friction. For this reason, friction has to be minimized and the disk and other components need to be placed accurately so the disk lives for long years. 

WORM Compliant Storage Using Software

The fact that there is so much information nowadays is a genuine struggle. Several companies calculate content in petabytes in a period where the terabytes of storage present on some Blu-ray disks aren’t sufficient.

Software-based devices that imitate the characteristics that make physical media WORM are the solution to the issue. The program must meet four requirements.

It shouldn’t enable information to be written to a drive more than once. It should stop the database from being deleted. To guarantee that no one interferes with the information, it must maintain track of content writing and access.

Someone with the correct qualifications should be able to view the request information.

It eliminates the volume issue that comes with physical media storage. A network with this program protects data while still providing hard drive storage space.

It allows corporations to retain write-once-read-many storage or offer it as a product through cloud storage providers.

Is WORM Compliant Storage Required?

If you’re in the securities or medical industries, where SEC or HIPAA data security applies, you’re likely not expected to have write-once, read-many compliant storage.

The utilization of WORM-compliant storage is not limited to ethical specifications. WORM storage makes sense if you’d like to store documents of historical significance

If you do have concerns that a member of your team is tampering with your business information, unchangeable documents will support you to confirm or invalidate your suspicions.