“What we hear is not true…”, clarifies Kohli after Virat’s Naveen-Gambhir clash.

Virat Kohli Insta Story: Virat Kohli was seen playing aggressively during the IPL 2023 match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Lucknow Supergiants (RCB VS LSG). During the game, he had a rift with many players. The discussion was started by Naveen Ul Haq. Then he had a rift with Gautam Gambhir and Amit Mishra. The matter was resolved after much discussion with Lokesh Rahul.

Virat Kohli Insta Story

Virat Kohli Insta Story went Viral

After this match, Virat Kohli wrote a story on Instagram (Virat Kohli Insta Story) which is being seen as his clarification. Everything we hear is an opinion rather than a fact, as stated in this story. “What we see is an attitude rather than a fact.” Also, Virat has included Marcus Aurelius’ name below, demonstrating this.

Virat Kohli Insta Story

Apart from this, Virat Kohli Has Also Changed His DP has also changed his DP. In the latest DP, he is seen with wife Anushka.

full story of the controversy

During the 17th over of Lucknow’s innings, Virat (Virat Kohli Insta Story) hurried out from behind the stumps and gestured to Naveen before the whole incident started. In response, Naveen Ul Haq from Afghanistan approached him and they had a fight. Virat also removed the mud by pointing at his shoes and acted like he was discussing the situation during this discussion. Kohli and Amit Mishra got into a fight as other players tried to intervene.

Kohli said something to Naveen when the players of both the teams were shaking hands after Bangalore’s win. As Kohli begins, Naveen also enters in surprise and speaks. Both disagree in this area as well. After this, when Kohli and all the players are taking a walk, Kyle Meyers of Lucknow joins the conversation.

Gambhir made light of the matter

Virat Kohli Insta Story

serious onlyGautam Gambhir) come and drive the mayors away without talking to Virat. Gambhir then makes a comment, to which Kohli responds by calling him closer, and the two come closer. Both are opposite to each other. In the end there was a long conversation between Kohli and Lokesh Rahul.

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