world radiography day – 8 november

When and why is World Radiology Day celebrated?

world radiography day – It is celebrated on 8 November every year. This date marks the anniversary of the discovery of X radiation by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895.

What is the purpose of World Radiology Day?

world radiography day - 8 november
world radiography day – 8 november

The day aims to raise public awareness of radiographs imaging and therapy, which play a vital role in the diagnosis and treatment of patients and, most importantly, ensuring that radiation is kept to a minimum as necessary, hence patient care. quality will improve. The day is celebrated by various national radiographs associations and societies across the world.

What is Radiology?

Have you ever wondered what is Radiology? And how has it made its impact in this world? Here is an overview for you that why Radiology is important to this world and why it is necessary to promote a career in it, Why Radiology is important to the world!

Impact of X-rays

Ever since the introduction of X-rays in health care, it has had a huge impact in the field of medicine. X-rays use radiations that help them look inside the body and detect abnormalities such as a broken bone or diagnosis of a disease.

It helps the doctors or practitioners to find out what is wrong with the bone structure of the body and treat it with proper and accurate care.

Radiology plays an important role for both doctors and patients as it provides necessary and modern equipment and techniques for treatment and detection of dead diseases.