Big update on Pant Recovery returning in WC 2023!

Pants Recovery: Finally the day has come for which the fans were eagerly waiting. All the fans of Rishabh Pant (Pant Recovery) were wondering when he would get better. Fans have already got their response. Rishabh Pant is fine now. Yes, it should not come as a surprise that Rishabh Pant, who has a foot ailment, has started walking without any support. On social media, Rishabh Pant posted a video of him throwing away his crutches and starting to walk normally.

Pants Recovery

Big news surfaced on Pant Recovery

In his video, Rishabh Pant (Pant Recovery) included music from the film KGF. In this, he starts holding the crutch in his hand and suddenly throws it aside and starts walking without assistance. This video of Rishabh Pant was appreciated not only by millions of viewers but also by the players. Suryakumar Yadav and Hardik Pandya saluted Pant’s return.

were injured like this

Please tell that Rishabh Pant Accident was injured in a road accident on 30 December. Pant’s car going from Delhi to Roorkee overturned on the highway. The vehicle caught fire after it overturned. Pant somehow got out of the car and saved his life. After this, a bus driver and conductor on the highway took him to the hospital. Pant was then airlifted to Mumbai from the hospital in Dehradun.

making a speedy recovery

Pant’s recuperation is currently underway. He is at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bangalore. At the same time, BCCI’s top trainer and physiotherapist (Trainer and Physiotherapist) working hard to get him back in shape as soon as possible. Fans are starting to wonder whether Rishabh Pant will be fit for the World Cup (WC). Seeing how quickly he is regaining his health. Let us tell you that this year’s World Cup will be held in October. Only India will host the World Cup. It is expected that how fast Rishabh Pant’s rehabilitation is progressing.

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